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What we do 

Our community programs

Community services

This program stresses giving back to the community through various community service projects. It offers consumers a valued adult role within their community. It increases awareness of ARC, the services we provide, the value and ability of our consumers. Community outreach establishes partnerships with local businesses, non-profit organizations, and locals within the community. It creates and promotes fundraisers to benefit the consumers, the Agency and locals within the community.


Work program

The work program offered at The ARC Washington-Holmes Counties include the Packing & Shipping Department. Individuals in this program have an opportunity to earn a wage. Packing & shipping provides work training in packaging and shipping. Individuals have an opportunity to interact with company representatives and trucking personnel. Other programs offered in the Life Skills development program are Boomers and Community Exploration.


This program provides socialization and activities combined with daily living skills and personal care training to persons that require a greater level of care, in an effort to increase their level of self-sufficiency. Boomers also offers regular, age-appropriate opportunities for adults. Participants engage in socialization and activities that embrace the normal aging process.


Community Exploration

This program increases awareness of consumerism, and services available to individuals in their community. This program also stresses “giving back to the community" and volunteering. Community Exploration offers opportunities for individuals to experience valued adult roles in the community as an alternative to employment or traditional day programs.

Socialization and Educational Programs

These programs are also available through Life Skills Development and include non-work activities focusing on educational and socialization skills, life skills, training and money management. Classes in hygiene, cooking, art, computer and safety are offered. Reading, music and exercise programs are also offered. In addition, several types of recreational activities are varied throughout the year. Individuals at The Arc Washington-Holmes Counties take an active part in their training and developmental through the choices they make.

Living Services


Personal care assistance

This service offers assistance in the individual's own home or family home. This service is tailored to offer non-medical assistance to individuals with activities in self-care, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and activities of daily living.


Respite Care

Provides supportive care and supervision for individuals when the primary caregiver is not available. This may be for a brief period due to a planned or emergency absence or for temporary physical inability.


Residential Habilitation

“The Arc Washington-Holmes Counties provides group homes that are safe, comfortable and have a family-oriented environment. Supervision and training activities are provided to assist an individual with acquiring, maintaining and improving skills related to daily living.

By participating in new activities and gaining new Experiences, individuals add richness and quality to their lives. For some, the activities may be working for pay, while for others the activities may be learning a skill or enjoying the arts. At The Arc Washington-Holmes Counties our goal is to create opportunities for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families to have choices in their life.

We are available between:
7:30a.m. - 3:30p.m.

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