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Arc Membership Form

Your membership enables The Arc Washington-

Holmes Counties to support those with

intellectual and developmental disabilities by :


* Increasing public awareness of individuals

needs, rights and abilities

* Encouraging progressive legislation

* Developing and promoting effective

programs and services

* Promoting and applying research

* Promoting public awareness of preventative measures


Membership with The Arc Washington-Holmes

automatically enrolls a member at the state and

national levels of The Arc.

The Arc Washington-Holmes serves individuals

with intellectual and developmental disabilities that

meet the requirements as outlined by the Agency

for Persons with Disabilities. Individuals must be at

least 18 years of age and reside in either

Washington or Holmes Counties. The Arc

Washington-Holmes focuses on levels of support

that provide adults with a purpose; that recognize

individuality and worth, and that promote self

determination and community involvement.


The Arc Washington-Holmes is funded in part by:

*United Way of Northwest Florida

*The Agency for Persons with Disabilities

*The Florida Department of Education.

Support Our Cause
ARC membership form 
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All Donations to The Arc Washington-Holmes are 100% tax Deductible. The Arc Washington-Holmes Counties, Inc. is a 501 (¢)(3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation.

*Memberships are accepted at any time, but expire each year on May 31st.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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